How can use whatsapp on laptop or desktop

Whatsapp is the most popular chatting app and it have so many features. Whatsapp use is so esay on mobile but the question is ''how can possible to use whatsapp on laptop or desktop?''

So in this post process of whatsapp use through windows like laptop or desktop.

 Fallow the steps
Step 1
Open your laptop/desktop and connect to internet
Step 2
Open go
ogle chrome and search (then you see this image)

Step 3
Connect your mobile or smartphone through internet
Step 4
Open your smartphone's whatsapp app and fallow this image

Step 5
Then you see ''WhatsApp web'' and touch there(fallow this image)
Then you scan laptop/desktop QR code through mobile rear camera(primary camera) after you can see this type of image so your whatsapp open on laptop/desktop.

Note : Mobile whatsapp chat list only open (contract list is not open through laptop/desktop)
You can chatting with your chat list friend through laptop/desktop.

If you want to log out then fallow the image

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