Top 5 power banks in market, battery capacity 10,000mAh plus

Power banks are a very useful device, when your smartphone is running low on battery, you can charge up your phone quickly using a power bank. These devices become very useful in an emergency situation when you desperately need to contact with your friends and family. When you shop online you must compare every online sites.

*Lenovo PA10400 mAh Power Bank

Shop & Details From :      Snapdeal            Rs.1,099
                                             Flipkart              Rs.1,039
                                             Amazon             Rs.1,299

*Honor Powerbank 13,000mAh

Shop & Details From :        Flipkart             Rs.1,399

*Intex Pb 11 Power Bank K 11,000mAh

Shop & Details From :        Flipkart               Rs.999

*Ambrane P-1310   13,000mAh

Shop & Details From :         Flipkart                Rs.1,199

*Romoss PH80-402 Solo 6   16,000mAh

Shop & Details From :          Flipkart                Rs.1,319

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