Top 5 iPro power bank with barrery capacity & price

Generally iPro is present many good power banks sell in the market. Nowadays power bank is the most important part of our life because we have use mobile so much & mobile battery back up not enough of us. When we are long traveling then mobile battery charge low or end and then we feel to need power bank for mobile charging. So we need this and give here some iPro power banks.

*iPro IP56   5,600mAh

Shop & Details From : Flipkart             Rs.579

*iPro IP1042   10,400mAh

Shop & Details From : Flipkart            Rs.949

*iPro IP40   13,000mAh

Shop & Details From :  Flipkart           Rs.1,049

*iPro IP44   15,600mAh

Shop & Details From : Flipkart            Rs.1,399

*iPro IP43   20,800mAh

Shop & Details From : Flipkart        Rs.1,649