Siti Broadband tariff plans for West Bengal

Last Updated on 10th January, 2017
Nowadays Siti Cable and Siti Broadband are available at Nalhati, Birbhum, West Bengal, India. If you want to connect the Siti Cable at Nalhati then its 'set top box' with connection charge Rs.1300 and monthly charge Rs.100. Also you can connect Siti Broadband Indinet then you need connection charge Rs.1500.


      Plan Name  --     Bandwidth -- Peering -- M.R.P
IndiNet_UL_Pico  -- 512Kbps --   8Mbps  -- Rs.345
IndiNet_UL_Nano -- 768Kbps --  8Mbps  -- Rs.449
IndiNet_UL_Micro -- 1Mbps  --   8Mbps  -- Rs.552
IndiNet_UL_Mini   -- 1.5Mbps -- 16Mbps  -- Rs.719
IndiNet_UL_Mega -- 2Mbps --    20Mbps -- Rs.949
IndiNet_UL_Giga  --  3Mbps --   20Mbps  -- Rs.1,610
IndiNet_UL_Tera  --  4Mbps --    24Mbps  -- Rs.2271

*All plans are valid for 30 days only.
*Peering means Streaming & Peering Bandwidth.
*MAIN USP - HAPPY HOURS From 1 A.M. to 7 A.M. you would get Double the speed.

      Plan Name  -- Bandwidth -- Data Limit -- M.R.P    -- Validity
IndiNet_X-Small --    2Mbps    --    1GB      -- Rs.171  --  30 days
IndiNet_Small     --    2Mbps    --    2GB      -- Rs.286   -- 30 days
IndiNet_Medium --    5Mbps    --    5GB      -- Rs.574   -- 30 days
IndiNet_Large     --    10Mbps  --   10GB     -- Rs.919   -- 30 days
IndiNet_Extra Large -- 2Mbps  --   10GB     -- Rs.1,264 -- 90 days


     Plan Name  -- Bandwidth -- FUP -- After FUP -- M.R.P
IndiNet_Strom    --   5Mbps  -- 10GB -- 512Kbps -- Rs.861
IndiNet_Cyclone --  10Mbps -- 20GB -- 512Kbps -- Rs.1,149
IndiNet_Typhoon -- 15Mbps -- 30GB -- 1Mbps    -- Rs.1,724

*All plans are valid for 30 days only.
**Give here every plan price are including all tax.

               Siti Broadband internet connection is also available at Nalhati, Birbhum, West Bengal. I meet the Siti Broadband connection operator's boy and collect their packages slip and some details. They are saying every time available this net connection.

Price Details :
Installation/Connection charges - Rs.1,500.

Unlimited Plans

Plan Name - Speed (upto) - Peering -       Price 
1.Siti Lite           512kbps          NO          Rs.410
2.Siti Lite+        
512kbps        2mbps        Rs.550
3.Siti Home       
768kbps         NO          Rs.560
4.Siti Home+     
768kbps       5mbps        Rs.750
5.Siti Popular    
1mbps          NO           Rs.670
6.Siti Popular+  
1mbps        5mbps        Rs.950
7.Siti Family      
1.5mbps      5mbps        Rs.1250
8.Siti Soho 2      
2mbps        5mbps        Rs.1700
9.Siti Soho 3      
3mbps        5mbps        Rs.2850
10.Siti Soho 4    
4mbps        5mbps        Rs.4350

Limited Plans

Plan Name ---------- Speed(upto) - Data usage - Price
1.Siti Home Limited   512kbps      500MB        Rs.250
2.Siti Sme Limited     
1mbps         1GB         Rs.290
3.Siti Soho Limited    
1mbps         2GB         Rs.480
4.Siti Coorporate       
2mbps         5GB         Rs.630
5.Siti Coorporate+     
4mbps       10GB         Rs.1300

*Give here every plan price are including all tax.
*Evey Unlimited & Limited Plan Validity 30 Days.

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