Add Recent Posts widget / gadget on blogger

Adding Recent Posts widget on your blogger website brings more pageviews.

So, in this post I'm posting detailed process on how to add a Recent Posts widget on your blog.

Follow these steps carefully

1. Go to Settings > Layout > Click on "Add a gadget"

2. A new pop-up window will open, now scroll down and select "HTML / Javascript" by pressing on the "+" sign

3. A new pop-up window will open, now in "Title" section write Recent Posts and in the "Content" section add the following code

<div id="hlrpsb">
<script style="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script style="text/javascript">var numposts = 10;var showpostdate = false;var showpostsummary = false;var numchars = 100;var standardstyling = true;</script>
<script src=""></script></div>
<style type=text/css>
#hlrpsb a {color: #0B3861; font-size: 13px;}
#rpdr, #rpdr a {color:#808080;}
.bbrecpost2 {
border-bottom: 1px #cccccc dotted; }

Note - On the above code change the value "10" to show the number of posts in Recent Posts widget

On the above code replace "" with your website address

4. Click on "Save" and now visit your site